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Teeth are just like every other part of our body - they change with time, whether we have had Orthodontic treatment or not. Also, after braces have been removed, teeth have a tendency to try and return to their original position erasing the results from treatment. To prevent this we advise that you wear retainers. Wearing a retainer is simple, but it is actually a complex piece of equipment and a significant part of your Orthodontic treatment. To maintain the success of your Orthodontic treatment, it is vital that you wear your retainer as advised.

Retainers - retain the tooth alignment-wear your retainer and you will be delighted with your smile forever.

There are a range of different retainers available. The most common retainers are removable, but sometimes fixed retainers (very thin wire) are placed on the inside surface of your teeth. We will recommend to you the type of retainer that will best keep your teeth in position following treatment.


Watch our new short film featuring BOS authority on retention, Dr Simon Littlewood as part of our #HoldthatSmile campaign. It has been produced to inform patients about the importance of lifelong retention.